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Job Boards

The Big 3: Monster, CareerBuilder and Yahoo!Hotjobs (getting crappier and about to get bumped from the list)
Niche sites:
LinkedIn - this is the best one!
FacebookMySpace - these are more for socializing
Additional ideas for networking on and offline
User Groups - the best way to find these is to go to Google and type in "user group" your specific technology and your geographic location; for instance type in "user group" java triangle, and the first result will be the web site for the Triangle Java Users Group.
Professional Organizations - these would be for your specific profession.  If you type professional organization in Google, the sixth link down will be a list of professional organizations for nearly every industry.  If you click on your respective profession, you will see a list of links to professional organizations.  Remember, most professional organizations have local chapters also.
Job Seekers (if you're in the Raleigh, NC area) - this is a weekly networking group who's purpose is "to provide a sense of community, accountability, networking and job-search skill development in a confidential and professional environment."
Other Creative Methods for Job Searching
Many times companies will post jobs to their web sites only and not to any other job boards.  Here is a method for finding those jobs.
ZoomInfo - This is a site typically used by recruiters to find people and sales people to find business leads.  However, it does not cost money to find many types of information.  Try this:
  • Click Zoominfo.com.
  • Click the Find Companies tab
  • Click the Advanced Search link
  • In the Keyword box type "software"
  • In the Geography section check US Zip Code and type "27513
  • In Company Size section, in Annual Revenues box, under Min, select $1Billion.
  • Leave the rest blank
  • Click Find Companies
  • You will see a list of 118 companies

This list could be useful if you're looking for a position with in a software company.  You will find additional information about these companies, including links to their web sites.  Go to the web sites and look for links entitled "careers," "jobs" or "employment."  These are where their jobs are, obviously.  If a company looks interesting, but may not have a job that is a match for you (or even if it does), add it to a spread sheet and check it periodically.

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