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Things to be Aware of When Applying for Jobs
  • Be aware of jobs that are "confidential." If you a see and it doesn't tell you who the company is nor is there any information regarding a search firm representing this "confidential" company, there is about a 75% chance that is scam.
  • Always try to do a little research before applying.  If you've never heard of a company or if an add says to email your resume to someone with an @aol.com or @yahoo.com etc., do a Google search for the company or person.  If nothing comes up or something unsettling comes up, you have your answer.
  • Receiving an email to apply or interview for a job.  There are some legitimate companies that will email you and ask you to interview for a job.  Frankly, though some of these are legitimate, I say stay away.  A good recruiter wouldn't recruit this way.  Good recruiters call on the phone.  Chances are if you receive an email to interview, then everyone who applies or has a resume out there is receiving it.  Also, barriers to entry may be low, which means it's a straight commission or 1099 job.
  • Bottom line: if it doesn't feel right, don't do it.  There are a lot of predators out there trying to take advantage of people that are trying to get a job in these tough times.